The Richmond Industrial Laundry houses 30+ years of experience in washing, dyeing and finishing. We have collectively curated a renowned portfolio of our own unique skills and intellectual property. Headed by ‘Sam the Man’, Mr Veskoukis, Richmond Laundry is more than an acknowledged creative hub for apparel, but also an abode of self-expression and family culture. Based in Brooklyn, Victoria,
The Laundry is a homestead for passion and expertise.
Our crew work tirelessly to build knowledge on fabrications and how to befriend each variation in raw form. Utilising chemistry, colour compounds, construction, content, weight and hand feel, we have the tools, and the practice. We’re more than a production house;
we have constructed our own science. 
You present the ideas, and we present them with life. We proudly service the Australian textile industry and local Australian brands alike. Our friends and working allies include the likes of RMWilliams, Country Road, Ksubi, Bettiana liano, and Gripp
Fashion is our love language, and we are proud that our adoration
is extended beyond us, to you.